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Rained Out

Possibly the best thing about working outside this week: it’s Thursday morning and I get to go home to be with my family.


Cars 2

After an hour of Dinosaur Pillow Fight between Lincoln and Daddy with Mommy on the sidelines running video, we’re off to see Cars 2!

Angry Birds New Pregnancy Discomfort Relaxation Therapy?

Not quite sure I can medically put out such a claim but I can say with certainty and from personal experience, “Don’t mess with an 8-month pregnant woman getting her Angry Birds fix on!”

My Best Riding Mate

Running With Lincoln

Having a two year old is good exercise in and of itself.


Lincoln was so proud & excited to wear his Guatemala shirt to church this morning. He has talked about ‘baby Bekah’ all day.
The whole way into church he was naming off all the people he wanted to show it to. Uncle Ben, Uncle Josiah, Uncle Cal, Uncle Sim, Uncle Matthew & Uncle Bob made the top of the list among others…
Lincoln has been rather obstinate against the nursery and so has been in the sanctuary with us for the past three weeks. But it was good to see his Uncle Cal interact with him during the service today. He’ll be a great father if that’s what the Lord has in store for him. Regardless, he’s a good uncle.
That’s all for today, Sunday.

Oll Korrect

I absolutely love the etymology of words and acronyms and this one is a gem.

Ever wondered what ‘O.K.’ really stands for? Click here: