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Lincoln in the LR


This picture sums up a lot about Lincoln without saying a word. Always wearing his helmet ready to get on another bike ride at a moments notice, always at the edge of every door and window, always looking out into the outdoors, waiting; sometimes patiently: asking every time to go up the hill in the landy. Always wild, ever sweet. SDG


Rained Out

Possibly the best thing about working outside this week: it’s Thursday morning and I get to go home to be with my family.

Kite Day!

Lincoln thoroughly enjoyed this kite Uncle Danny brought out for all the kiddos after our bicycle ride. Too bad he lost it for them. Tip top of the tree not coming down today. So now Lincoln owes Danny a new kite. Looking for the next windy day…

My Best Riding Mate

Packing the Kit For Camping With Lincoln

Not quite as organized as minimalist backpacking. Not nearly as light on the back, either. But can’t wait to get started!

Running With Lincoln

Having a two year old is good exercise in and of itself.

Afternoon Walk

Lincoln & I walked up to Mom & Dad’s yesterday late afternoon. He was so pleased just to be outside!