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Big Brother

Lincoln & Vivien


Vivien Marie Weir!

Vivien Marie Weir | 7lbs 0.6oz | all healthy!

This Day We Rest

23g and 90 Calories of digested food intake makes for an 8 hour wait for the OR.

19 hours ago we received the call from Christina’s doctor informing us that there had been a slight scheduling error: our C-Section appointment was booked on a day when she was to be in advanced training and therefore unavailable so we were given the abrupt choices of Wednesday, July 20th or Monday, July 25. After a very few sobering minutes, we chose what is now today.
Not that 24 hours will assume much of a distinct role in history on this matter, which we will realize by tomorrow, but we have become fully self-aware that when preparing for this surgery we put the most important things off to the last day.

So, now we’re in our room waiting all day for a re-scheduled birth. Anything but ordinary, within God’s supreme might. Anxious, but well prepared to rest in Christ.
4PM please come quickly.

Cars 2

After an hour of Dinosaur Pillow Fight between Lincoln and Daddy with Mommy on the sidelines running video, we’re off to see Cars 2!

Wheeler Family Addition

Mason James Wheeler has arrived! 7 lb, 3oz., 20 inches long. Born June 9th at 11:41 pm

It’s a Girl!

Second sonogram today. God’s construction of our baby’s face as shown below is beautiful!
One more ultrasound to view the heart, likely to be in four-five weeks. No concerns, heartbeat excellent (153bpm), but the technician was unable to get a clear set of pictures for the doctor. Fine by us!
Just a note, Christina is indifferent to pink, but rather prefers a classy black so as to match diamonds.

Vivien Marie Weir

Sonogram Technician: 80% sure it’s a GIRL!

Of course, we have no guarantee. Christina is only 15 weeks, too soon to know the gender 100%. But God knows for certain. Will post more pictures soon!