This Day We Rest

23g and 90 Calories of digested food intake makes for an 8 hour wait for the OR.

19 hours ago we received the call from Christina’s doctor informing us that there had been a slight scheduling error: our C-Section appointment was booked on a day when she was to be in advanced training and therefore unavailable so we were given the abrupt choices of Wednesday, July 20th or Monday, July 25. After a very few sobering minutes, we chose what is now today.
Not that 24 hours will assume much of a distinct role in history on this matter, which we will realize by tomorrow, but we have become fully self-aware that when preparing for this surgery we put the most important things off to the last day.

So, now we’re in our room waiting all day for a re-scheduled birth. Anything but ordinary, within God’s supreme might. Anxious, but well prepared to rest in Christ.
4PM please come quickly.

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