From Across the Room

We’re at home tonight, Lincoln has been in bed for over an hour. I’m sitting at the desk, working on the computer and Christina is on the couch, reading.

From across the room she say’s,  “You know what I hate most about being pregnant?”

“No,” I say honestly, because she has never once started a sentence like this before and I’m startled. My ears perk up.

“Not being able to move like I normally do.”

“Huh, well I can understand that,” I say deceptively, because I have no idea but can imagine I would hate that aspect more than anything, too.

So, that’s it. I go back to work and she goes back to reading. I am clueless to the changes her body will go through over the remaining months of her pregnancy. She is going to kill me when she reads this post though. She thinks I’m over here working…

It’s a pretty random complaint but it’s gonna be on my mind for a while I can already tell. I need to be more sympathetic to my wife’s discomfort. I need to realize more I cannot relate. That’s it. Back to work.

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