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Lincoln was so proud & excited to wear his Guatemala shirt to church this morning. He has talked about ‘baby Bekah’ all day.
The whole way into church he was naming off all the people he wanted to show it to. Uncle Ben, Uncle Josiah, Uncle Cal, Uncle Sim, Uncle Matthew & Uncle Bob made the top of the list among others…
Lincoln has been rather obstinate against the nursery and so has been in the sanctuary with us for the past three weeks. But it was good to see his Uncle Cal interact with him during the service today. He’ll be a great father if that’s what the Lord has in store for him. Regardless, he’s a good uncle.
That’s all for today, Sunday.


Oll Korrect

I absolutely love the etymology of words and acronyms and this one is a gem.

Ever wondered what ‘O.K.’ really stands for? Click here:

Afternoon Walk

Lincoln & I walked up to Mom & Dad’s yesterday late afternoon. He was so pleased just to be outside!

From Across the Room

We’re at home tonight, Lincoln has been in bed for over an hour. I’m sitting at the desk, working on the computer and Christina is on the couch, reading.

From across the room she say’s,  “You know what I hate most about being pregnant?”

“No,” I say honestly, because she has never once started a sentence like this before and I’m startled. My ears perk up.

“Not being able to move like I normally do.”

“Huh, well I can understand that,” I say deceptively, because I have no idea but can imagine I would hate that aspect more than anything, too.

So, that’s it. I go back to work and she goes back to reading. I am clueless to the changes her body will go through over the remaining months of her pregnancy. She is going to kill me when she reads this post though. She thinks I’m over here working…

It’s a pretty random complaint but it’s gonna be on my mind for a while I can already tell. I need to be more sympathetic to my wife’s discomfort. I need to realize more I cannot relate. That’s it. Back to work.

Boy of Independence

“I dressed myself, I’m going on a hike…like Bear Grylls.”

Weir Family Press on Vimeo

Well, we thought this was a good way to introduce our new Weir Family Press page on Vimeo.

Makes me laugh every time. I love this video.

Desperate Survival

Thanks to a lot of help from some online how-to galleries, I have successfully mastered how to make paracord survival bracelets and Lincoln was one of the first beneficiaries. Now he, Mommy & Daddy all have matching ones in black!
Just in case you would need to untie and use it: for every inch of bracelet, unwound is an entire foot. 550 Type III Paracord has a 550lb. test and the 3/16″ anchor shackle has a safe workload rating of 530lbs. So, yea probably enough to handle Lincoln’s weight. (Actually, that could hold our whole present family of 4!)
Perspective: In a pinch, God may allow something like this to prolong the life of a man, but only Christ has paid the costly price of eternal grace through which faith has the power to actually save a life.
Bottom Line: Bracelet is pretty cool but pretty lousy in light of Christ before the throne on our behalf.
Correct Response: Revelation 4:11 Let’s go on seeking desperate survival in the one true God!