Yes, I know the title of this post is a bit corny but it was the only word that came to mind to describe what I’m feeling. So the holidays are over and usually I’m feeling a bit sad at this time. Missing the Christmas tree, lights and music. Not this year! It was so busy from Thanksgiving to New Years, Whoa! It was all great, being with family you just can’t replace those moments. However I’m just so tired…and so is Michael…and so is Lincoln from going going going. I never really thought I’d be so happy to spend two nights in a row at home but that’s how it was yesterday and tonight. To actually vacuum my house was pure joy. Odd I know.

So, in conclusion, yes I love the holidays and family get togethers. But as part of my “goal” for this new year I will be better organized and prepared for the last few months of 2011.

I hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

“Let Your steadfast love comfort me according to Your promise to Your servant. Let Your mercy come to me, that I may live.” Psalm 119: 76-77

yummy crackers

I do say...

Found a new toy at Bass Pro with daddy

big boy, big smile

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