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Soon to be Four…

Well, Lincoln’s leg is much better. He is walking well and definitely becoming much more himself again.

He is also soon to be a big brother! We have good news – Christina is pregnant! So, please pray for us as parents that we would reflect attributes of Christ to our children.

Christina will have much more to share with you soon!


A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Or a toddler, perhaps.

Lincoln is my right hand man when it comes to editing. As you can see from the picture: He engulfs himself with his work.

(Sorry Gregg, this was your article from last month’s Sentinel.)Hard at work

Hard at work

May God grant us the strength to run…

Lincoln has a bum knee right now, so we are not in our normal swing of things. For instance: We haven’t been running through the house all day; much to our discontent. But I pray God gives us the strength to run all the days we live together.