CRUCIAL Information

Sucking down an OJ Smoothie

Say HELLO to my new favorite online store:


Matthew & Crystal Wheeler have unveiled a new website selling ONLY the supplements you REALLY need. [catchphrase]

So, the rundown-

Product: Mens health supplements (i.e. protein, creatin, vitamins, etc.) Brand: Optimum Nutrition (ON) Price: Oustanding!

For a good comparison, check out GNC’s website, where I originally went to buy whey protein and left with only a Clif Bar. The container size shown on GNC’s site is 5.5lbs whereas CS’s is 2lbs, but you do the math.

Below is a recipe for one of Lincoln & Mine’s (we developed it’s secret greatness together) favorite smoothie blends:

OJ Smoothie

1 cup of your favorite orange juice

1 12oz. container full of ice

1 heaping scoop of vanilla whey protein

Mix in blender for approximately 20-30 seconds, or until ice is well blended.

That’s it! Lincoln helps me make and drink them all the time. Here is a picture Christina took of us on Lincoln’s birthday this year.

Lincoln says 'Push, push!'

    • Crystal Wheeler
    • September 4th, 2010

    Thanks, Michael! We appreciate it. Also, your oj protein shake recepie is the best protein shake I’ve tasted! Also, anyone local who would rather pick up an order (we live in Pleasant Hill) instead of having to pay for shipping can send us an email at and we can make arrangements that way. The pricing will be the same as the website’s (plus MO tax), only without having to add the shipping. Thanks!

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